Longboat Key Beaches

Longboat Key beaches are unique in their own right compared to other Florida beaches for a multitude of reasons. Even residents of Florida go to this side of the coast to get away from it all and frolic on the beaches of Longboat Key. You will find the beaches on Longboat Key are not densely crowded like the others, and the sand is powdery soft. You won’t see many public access areas where folks could drive in from outside the area and park, so the beaches here are like your own private, secluded getaway.

The lacks of crowds on Longboat Key beaches is a huge attraction for many looking to escape the thralls of the city. The clear, calm water and the quality of the sand is an incredible draw for many. The water temperatures are ideal all year long and rest assured; you will see a variety of aquatic life no matter what time a year it might be whether it be stingrays, manatees, and dolphins.

Everyone is friendly in this area and that this kindness contributes to the overall atmosphere of Longboat Key. Beer Can Island is on the north part of the island, and even though parking can be a bit of an issue, the visit is well worth it. It is the type of beach that you only dream about. You feel as though you are the only one on earth when at this beach. You won’t find any overpopulation here nor any facilities which could be why the crowds stay away. Nowhere else will you feel so secluded. It can be quite a romantic spot if you’re looking for a place to get some alone time with your significant other.

Whether you visit Florida once a year or multiple times, you cannot deny the beauty of the beaches. Conservation and wildlife protection is important to this part of the state, especially because it adds an exotic touch that guests love to visit and explore. Longboat Key is an unspoiled island, untouched from the commercialized feel that you find throughout Florida. The peaceful ambiance of the Key also allows wildlife to abound. Birds live along the shore and marshlands, and are a draw for birdwatchers on the search for sandpipers, herons, egrets, petrels, gulls, pelicans, and skimmers. You will also spot comb jellies, king crabs, tiny hermit crabs, sand crabs, and sea snails. You will find world-class shelling on Longboat Key as well! Enjoy a tranquil walk through nature, or an exciting day of discovery with your children.

It is hard to image that there could be prettier beaches than Longboat Key on this side of the coast. You can always stroll the surrounding beaches like Siesta Key, Anna Maria Island beaches, and Coquina Beach is another great place to play if you decide to leave the Longboat Key area. We know you’ll be back, however, because the draw of Longboat Key is truly irresistible. With great shopping, restaurants and beaches all in a convenient and picturesque few miles of island, Longboat Key feels like home away from home, and the perfect place for your vacation rental. Contact Mike Normal Realty today to book the ideal Longboat Key vacation rental today!

Longboat Key Beaches

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