Meet Axel…..



Do you have room for Axel in your home?

Meet Axel…… he is a local celebrity and proven that he will survive!

Axel will be available for adoption May 1, 2013 at Manatee County Animal Services.

Axel was injured by an axe on December 3rd 2012. He was rescued by Manatee County Animal Services Officer Steve Bell who took him to Beach Veterinary clinic where Dr. Luke Berglund operated on Axel, and kept him at the clinic for recuperation. In late January, Axel left his friends at Beach Veterinary Clinic with his new foster mom and trainer, at Antonelli of Dawg Phonics in Bradenton. Since then she has fostered and has been giving Axel basic training.

Videos of his training progress for Axel fans to follow: 

The videos will also be posted on Axel’s Angel Facebook page:

Follow the link to learn about animal adoption in Manatee County…..


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