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You can tell a lot about a place just by its name and Longboat Key is no different. Longboat Key gets its name from longboats left on the shore by the Spaniards who abandoned them because the Indians of the land during that time were said to be hostile. You won’t find hostile Indians on the shores these days, but you will find a certain peacefulness to the surroundings of this Island. Nowadays Longboat Key ranks as one of the top Florida destinations because it has a lot to offer people looking to vacation in Florida but also enjoy the small town charm that Florida used to be known for. Most people choose to spend their spring break, summer, or family holiday here because of the Islands seclusion, luxury vacation rentals, and beautiful beaches.

Some say that there is no better place to come and forget life’s problems than Longboat Key. How can you be bound to any chaos when you’re surrounded by such tranquil beauty. From the moment you step foot on Longboat Keys shoreline, that feeling of worry and tension fades away. Whether you’re looking to interact with the locals for a fun-filled day of beach activities or to relax with your favorite book, there are miles of coastline to choose from, so you’re guaranteed to find your own little piece of this paradise. You can have the adventure of a lifetime or the vacation of the century depending on what you choose to do and where you decide to stay. Some vacation rentals have luxury accommodations while others offer a more traditional sense of lodging choices.

This charming little barrier island has various activities for people to do— from different water undertakings to land explorations. You can choose from kayaking, boating, jet skiing, paddle boarding, deep sea diving, snorkeling, hang gliding, water skiing, swimming, etc. Longboat Key is sometimes referred to as the island of opportunity because there is so much to see and explore while staying here. You can choose from mangroves, nature parks, and hiking/walking trails to discover along what seems like a never-ending coastline to wander on until your heart is content the salt life. You will find that the opulence of Longboat Key blends perfectly with its simplicity, which is one of the many reasons people keep coming back to this area for their vacations.

Depending on what luxury vacation rental you choose on Longboat Key, you may find one that is close enough to walk to the beach. Mike Norman Realty has plenty of small bungalows, single family homes, and large luxury estates for your Longboat Key vacation rentals. The atmosphere on Longboat Key is casual yet quaint and very similar to its neighbor, Anna Maria Island. Not sure what vacation rental you want? Mike Norman Realty offers every type of vacation rental from coast to coast. We have luxury vacation rental listings that come in all shapes and sizes to suit whatever your needs may be. You can browse our website today to view our available vacation rentals on Longboat Key.

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