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For reservations in January, February and March please call our office at 800-367-1617.


IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Please read the following TERMS & CONDITIONS carefully.

Check-In: The check-in process begins at 4 p.m. and is not guaranteed. Guests should not expect to take occupancy sooner than times stated. In some cases check-in may be delayed due to circumstances beyond our control. Rate adjustments cannot be made for late check-in or early departure. After hours emergencies call 941-778-6696.

Checkout: Checkout will be promptly at 10 a.m. Any guest that fails to check out by 10 a.m. may be escorted out.

Security Deposit: A Visa or Master Card number will be required in case of damages, extra cleaning and/or laundry.

Cancellation Policy: All cancellations will result in the forfeiture of all advance rental payments. If the rental dates and terms are rebooked, rental payments will be refunded less $150 cancellation fee. Please refer to https://www.mikenormanrealty.com/faqs.htm

Substitution of Accommodations: Mike Norman Realty reserves the right to change the rental property noted on the front of this confirmation for any reason (i.e. property is sold or repairs are needed). Mike Norman Realty will make every effort to place the guest in a like and kind rental property. If the substitute property is not suitable to guest, and they choose not to stay in a MNR rental, a full refund will be given.

Pets: Pets are not allowed unless specifically stated and a nonrefundable pet fee is paid.

House Parties: Mike Norman Realty does not allow house parties in any rental property. Guests are not allowed to organize graduations, proms, gatherings, reunions, weddings, receptions or any other function similar in nature. Mike Norman Realty does offer rental properties that will allow family reunions, weddings or receptions, however all such events must be approved in writing in advance and there will be an additional charge and/or security agreement assessed.

Smoking: Smoking is NOT ALLOWED in any of our rentals.

Maintenance: In the event of equipment malfunction within a rental property, Mike Norman Realty will expedite repairs as quickly as possible. Any maintenance items should be reported to Mike Norman Realty as soon as possible and may require vendors outside of Mike Norman Realty to repair and/or replace equipment. Should a repairman make a call to a rental property and find the equipment is not in working order due to guest misuse, oversight or neglect, the fee for the service will be charged to the guest. No rent adjustments can be made for circumstances beyond our control or for malfunction or loss of use of equipment or amenities.

Acts of Nature: Mike Norman Realty cannot be held liable for any acts of nature/occurrences beyond our control. No rate adjustments will be made.

Quiet use and enjoyment: Mike Norman Realty does not guarantee quiet use or enjoyment of rental properties due to noise from other persons, neighboring properties, construction, maintenance, etc. Mike Norman Realty cannot grant rate adjustments resulting from circumstances outside of the rental property. The City has a local noise ordinance which does not allow music, vocal noise or disturbances after 10:00 pm – 7:00 am.

Pools: The rental property owner or condo association controls pool temperatures. Mike Norman Realty is not responsible for pool or spa temperatures, closures or malfunctions. No credit, discount and/or rate adjustments can be granted for items mentioned above or circumstances beyond our control. There will be days when the weather conditions will not allow pool heaters to accommodate swimming and temperature recovery times will vary. May-October pools are NOT HEATED. Pools may be heated AT TENANT’S EXPENSE during those months.

Amenities: Amenities vary at each rental property. Please contact Mike Norman Realty for specific needs you may have regarding rental property amenities. Mike Norman Realty is not liable for malfunction or closure of rental property amenities and no credits and/or discounts can be granted for circumstances beyond our control.

Units for Sale: In the event that the rental property is listed for sale, we may find the need to show the property during your stay, 24 hour notice to guest will be given for showings.

Hurricane Policy: If you are traveling between June and November, please note that this is hurricane season. Owners are not required to rebate rent in the event of a voluntary evacuation. Owners will refund rent in the event of a MANDATORY evacuation.

Evacuation: Guest acknowledges they must promptly evacuate rental upon a mandatory evacuation by state or local authorities.

Medical/Police/Fire: Call 911

Check Out Day: Guest agrees to follow Check-Out Procedures posted in unit prior to departure. If not followed, guest agrees to pay for extra cleaning and/or laundry charges up to $150.

Damages: Any excessive or intentional damages will be the responsibility of the guest and will be charged to the credit card on file.

Student Groups: Any guest under 25 years old must be accompanied by a parent and/or guardian. Reservations obtained under false pretenses will cause forfeiture of all payments and guests will be asked to vacate the rental property immediately.

Exits and Parking: A sketch of the exits and off-street parking is posted in rental unit.

City Rules and Regulations: Guest read and agrees to the city’s rules and regulations.

City of Anna Maria: http://www.cityofannamaria.com/VC%20Notice.pdf

City of Holmes Beach: http://holmesbeachfl.org/Cities/COHB/documents/Safety%20Flyer.pdf

Sea Turtle Nesting Season: Please observe sea turtle nesting season May 1 – October 31 each year. Lighting and beach regulations are required by the state of Florida.

Accuracy of Information: To the best of Mike Norman Realty’s knowledge the information contained on this agreement and our websites is accurate but not guaranteed. Descriptions, rates and property amenities listed on this confirmation are subject to change without notice. Omissions, additions or errors as well as changes in property bedding, furnishings, equipment, etc., shall not be the responsibility of Mike Norman Realty, owner, or agent.

Indemnity: Guest indemnifies Mike Norman Realty from and against any and all liability, loss damage, and expense, including reasonable attorney fees and disbursements arising from injury to persons or damage to rental property; occasioned by the failure of the property owner to comply with any provision of law or this agreement; occasioned by any act or omission of the property owner or any person residing in or renting owner’s property; occasioned by any act of omission of the property owner, or property owner’s agents, servants, or contractors; or, occasioned by any act of omission, with the exception of such acts or commissions constituting gross negligence or willful misconduct of Mike Norman Realty, its agents, servants, or contractors when acting as agent for the property owner as provided herein. Special risks may be involved when using pools and/or hot tubs and guest assumes all responsibility for himself/herself and their guests and for the consequences of those at risk. Guest agrees to waive any claim whatsoever and hold harmless Mike Norman Realty and the property owner for accidents and claims resulting from accidents and or injury arising from use of the rental property and any of its equipment, porches, decks, stairs, parking area, elevators etc.

Non-Disparagement: During occupancy of this rental property AND thereafter, Guest agrees to take no action which may harm Mike Norman Realty’s reputation or which would reasonably be expected to lead to unfavorable publicity. This includes, but is not limited to online comments and/or public remarks which may result in restriction of trade or negative business.


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