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Anna Maria Island is known as the hidden gem of the Gulf Coast of Florida which would make Bean Point the best-kept secret in the City of Anna Maria. Not as well-known as the other beaches of Anna Maria Island yet beautiful in its own right, Bean Point is one of the best places in the world to be. You can’t use just one word to describe bean point because when you try, a multitude of antonyms follows shortly after the first adjective you choose. Beautiful, serene, peaceful just doesn’t seem to sum it up. Bean point got its name from the first resident that inhabited Anna Maria Island, Mr. George Emerson Bean. Mr. Bean owned the majority of the land north of Pine Avenue including Bean Point, but his son was the once responsible for initiating the first steps towards the development of the island.

Holmes Beach,Anna Maria Island

Bean point offers a unique vantage point on the northern tip of the island which is also on the southern edge of Tampa Bay. Bean Point is literally overlooking where the Gulf meets the Bay. The only downfall is that swimming is not recommended on Bean Point because of the risk of strong currents and riptides. Most people go for the views, the tranquility, and to walk along the water’s edge of the tip of Anna Maria Island. If you are able to rent a vacation rental on the northern end of the island, you truly are a lucky visitor. Some of the best views on the island can be enjoyed from this location on the Isle. You will know you’ve reached bean point when you encounter the tropical walkway that leads to it. This pathway is one of the most talked about placed on the island because of its pure beauty. Walking along the path makes you feel like you’re entering a magical paradise all to yourself. Pictures of bean point won’t do it justice. It is definitely something you need to experience with your own eye to truly understand the complete package that Bean Point offers.

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Anna Maria, Florida
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