Cortez Beach

Cortez Beach’s incredible beauty picks up where Coquina Key leaves off on the northern tip of Anna Maria Island. Cortez is quite different compared to Coquina Beach. Coquina Beach has plenty of places to picnic and play with your kids. Cortez does not and is known at the quietest of all the beaches in this area. The tranquility of Cortez makes it the ideal beach for a quick afternoon break or weekend day trip. You will find plenty of picture perfect opportunities on Cortez Beach because it’s never that busy. Cortez is a great option when you want to escape the chaos of it all and enjoy a little piece of paradise all to yourself for once. However, if you’re looking for a beach you can enjoy time with your family while being surrounded by other families, Coquina Beach might be perfect for you!

Cortez Beach

Bradenton Beach is another popular choice when visiting the beautiful Anna Maria Island, but if you’re not familiar with the area, you may not know about the other beaches nearby. You can find Bradenton Beach off of Gulf Drive near the southern point of Anna Maria Island. Bradenton Beach is equally as beautiful, but a little bit smaller Anna Maria and is a great option if you are looking for slightly more privacy. You will find shaded parking throughout Bradenton Beach, but parking will be limited so try and get there early.

If you find yourself in the northern part of Anna Maria Island, you will find Holmes Beach. Although Holmes Beach is not as popular as the other beaches, it is just as serene and scenic as the others. Home to nearly 3 miles of quiet beaches, there is a lot you can discover out here. If you are looking for a beach to have some quiet time, Holmes Beach is the right fit for you. Holmes Beach has a charm to it that you just can’t resist.

Anna Maria Island has some of the best beaches on this side of the coast located directly on and around this quaint little island. The towns, shops, and homes are all placed along this remarkable shoreline creating an ideal picture perfect background ever for any vacation. Walking up to the ocean at your doorstep and the sunrise at your window is a reality of you choose to stay on or near Cortez. When you are staying somewhere that so closely resembles perfection, it’s hard not to be speechless your first night here. Any vacation rental you choose is bound to be luxurious with these kind of places surrounding it. Life on the island is so much different than what most of you are used too, and it will be a relief to settle into the routine of life revolving around relation before anything else. It doesn’t get much more authentic than Cortez, Florida. Charming shops with an antiquated yet welcome feel pretty much sums up Cortez but what more could you want from a Florida destination? Book your trip to Cortez today!

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